Extra, Extra! Read All About It!


If you haven’t read my first blog “Watch Out Viet Nam, Here We Come“, I suggest you start there . It will give you a bit more context about our move.

Today is April 26, my 32nd Birthday. Birthdays always seem like a good time to reflect on where life has taken you, and where you are heading in the future. Therefore, I am hoping to shed a few more details about our plans for those of you who are curious.

In late June David and I will finalize packing our lives into a series of well-labeled boxes and move the majority of our belongings into my father’s basement. I finish up work at my current job on June 30, and from there the adventure is officially on!

We plan to spend most of July completing my first-ever cross-county road trip. Along the way we will stop to see family and friends, especially those on the West Coast. We know want to explore the Great Plains, get up close and personal with a glacier, and experience a “bear jam.” Those will probably all happen in National Parks. If anyone knows of some giant balls of twine monuments or other quirky stops that can’t be missed between Philly and Seattle, please let us know!

At the end of July we will return to Pennsylvania and spend a few days checking the last few things off our to-do list. I suspect we will also have our share of tearful goodbyes that week. As excited as we are for this next chapter, we are going to miss our family, friends, and support systems here at home.

In late July, we will gather our carefully organized luggage, squeeze it into an appropriately sized car, and head off to the airport. 24 to 30 hours and a few layovers later, we will be in our new home. At that point we will connect with our realtor in Ha Noi who will help us find the perfect apartment. Yes – I think it will feel like an episode of House Hunters International.


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