Watch Out Viet Nam, Here We Come


What does it take to pack the lives of two thirty-something professionals into no more than four checked bags and move half-way around the world? I’m honestly not sure. But, I’m about to find out because David and I are moving to Viet Nam! I hope to use this as a platform to share stories about what life is like for David and I in Ha Noi. If there are any good photos, I’ll share them along the way too.

Why Viet Nam, why now? David and I have talked about moving abroad since before we married. We even had a few false starts along the way. Southeast Asia has always intrigued us, and we know we can spend several years exploring the region without ever seeing the same thing twice. When an opportunity arose in Ha Noi, we leapt at the chance. We’ll be there at least a year, but we hope we love it so much we want to stay for several more.

David will teach High School Mathematics at St. Paul’s American School just outside of Ha Noi. His daily work will be similar, but with a very diverse student population. As for me? That remains to be seen. I’ll explore professional opportunities once I am there (and a bit before). In the meantime, I’m managing our transpacific move and musing on this blog.

We are both nervous about the transition. Our nerves are overshadowed by the excitement of learning a new language, diving headfirst into Vietnamese culture, and getting a front-row seat to Southeast Asia. We plan to use Ha Noi as our base for extensive travel and we wouldn’t mind a visitor or two!

As for the name of the blog? Our travel around Ha Noi  will primarily be on scooters. Rafiki (which means friend in Swahili) used to be my nickname, and I have decided to embrace it again. Once Rafiki (me) owns a scooter, I’ll be sure to post about my wild adventures on two wheels. We still have three months before we leave, so my first few posts will probably be about the chaos of packing up our lives

Thanks for checking into my new project. I hope you will continue to learn more about our life abroad through this blog. If you want to know what David is thinking, I suggest you visit his blog He promises to make a few cameo appearances here too.

Join me as we see (in the word’s of Josiah Bartlett) what’s next.

4 Replies to “Watch Out Viet Nam, Here We Come”

  1. So very excited for you two!! What an adventure you are beginning! Look forward to vicariously exploring Vietnam Nam with you!! Prayers for packing dear one!

  2. Judi Lemay-Lusk says: Reply

    Will be glad to follow you on your blog!!! Many blessings!?

  3. Laura Stratton says: Reply

    Wow. I know that you will love the adventure. I look forward to reading all about it.

  4. Meg and Brian says: Reply

    Brian’s memories of Hanoi center around try to cross 12 lanes of scooter traffic without being hit and scooters carrying orange trees at a festival time. He also remembers friendly people and very good food. Enjoy your adventure!

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